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Little Wars and Huzzah! Convention Sale

We’re combining our usual Little Wars and Huzzah! Convention sales into one week+ long sale! From May 4th through May 12th, United States customers can use the Coupon Code Spring2024 to get 15% off anything we sell.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer this discount outside the United States due to current shipping rates.


USPS overseas shipping rates have increased to an unsustainable point. We are seeking manufacturers/distributors in Europe and Asia to handle orders in those regions. We hope to have arrangements in place this Summer.


Due to current overseas shipping costs, we must suspend ALL orders outside the United States as of May 10, 2024. If you are interested in placing a large order, where shipping costs may be a reasonable portion of the overall cost, please contact us directly. We will respond with the estimated shipping costs, and you can determine if you still wish to place the order.


We will adjust our shipping prices as needed to cover our actual shipping costs. We are continuing to offer FREE SHIPPING for USA orders over $100.




World's Largest Range of 1/300th Aircraft, Decals, and Rules - WWI through today 

Hostile Aircraft - World War I in the Air is Back!

THUNDERBALL! - Underwater combat rules & figures Available Now!

Kryomek - Fast play Sci Fi figures & rules

Macho Women with Guns - 25/28 mm scale figures