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The Little Wars 2023 Convention conducted by HMGS-Midwest will be held April 28-30. We can't attend as a vendor this year, so we're running an online sale instead. Geat the goodies you want on sale!

15% OFF Everything We Sell with Coupon Code LW2023 through May 7th!

We are attending the Huzzah 2023 Convention in Portland, ME from May 19-21 with new releases and a surprise announcement. We hope to see you there!


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World's Largest Range of 1/300th Aircraft, Decals, and Rules - WWI through today 

Hostile Aircraft - World War I in the Air is Back!

THUNDERBALL! - Underwater combat rules & figures Available Now!

Kryomek - Fast play Sci Fi figures & rules

Macho Women with Guns - 25/28 mm scale figures