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Now that you have recovered from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, dig into a sale on what you really want, products from MSD Games! Made in the USA so no overseas shipping delays. In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, take 15% off any of our products by using the coupon code PH80. This is a great time to purchase WW I planes and decals for the Colorful Skies 3 scenario booklet from I-94 as well - we currently have 74% of the aircraft listed in production already, with the rest to come in 2022. We're adding some new free downloads for our games as well. Speaking of Pearl Harbor, look for our new scenario booklet 'Rising Sun' in 2022. In addition to historical scenarios from Pearl Harbor to Malaya, we'll include historically based what-if versions that show how big a gamble the Japanese were really taking.

The PH80 15% off coupon is good December 1st through th 12th - so don't delay!  As usual, all USA orders over $100 get free shipping too.


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Plane Data for All Rules

We are happy to provide offical (Luftwaffe 1946) and unoffical (Blue Sky, Check Your 6) game stats for free download here


Here are some of our new releases, more coming soon:

WWI: Hostile Aircraft:

Post WW II, used in Korea:


Re-done models: 

NEW! Paint and Pigment Markers​














Due to the cancellation of the HMGS-East Cold Wars Convention, we were unable to run our Culloden scenario using our soon to be published THRUST OF BAYONET rules.  We're working hard to get these rules out soon, currently focusing on the National Characteristics and Uniform Colors sections.  Stay tuned for free downloads to support the rules, and announcement of the availability date.

Dom's Decals are almost gone, so order what you need NOW! 

We are adding some of the hard to find decals to our Hostile Aircraft range of professionally printed decals. Check back for updates as we complete the artwork, etc. If you have any decal suggestions, send them in! 

Luftwaffe 1946: Amerika Bomber is back in stock, with color illustrations inside. We've also re-stocked Kamikaze 1946: Divine Wind.

Stocks of Casualty Cards are out, look for our Kickstarter Campaign in July for an enhanced version.

We continue to provide high quality miniatures and rules to our customers, despite limiting the number of conventions we attend as a vendor. Please check our website for new releases and additional free downloads. We try to ship all orders within 1 business day.
Check out our Downloads on the left. We added scenarios, optional rules, Wood & Canvas, Luftwaffe 1946, and Thunderball Starter rules, along with the Luftwaffe 1946 aircraft statistics spreadsheet. Aircraft stats provided for WW2 Italian & French for L46, Blue Skies, and CY6! We'll add more stat sheets and scenarios here and on our Facebook pages.
Luftwaffe stats calculator for Excel is now available for download!

Hostile Aircraft

World's Largest Range of 1/300th Aircraft, Decals, and Rules - WWI through today 

Hostile Aircraft - World War I in the Air is Back!

THUNDERBALL! - Underwater combat rules & figures Available Now!

Kryomek - Fast play Sci Fi figures & rules

Macho Women with Guns - 25/28 mm scale figures