Amerika Bomber

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The Americans think they are safe behind their oceans. They think they can rain fire and destruction upon our people with impunity. It is time for them to reap what they have sown. This wonder weapon, forged by the fearless workers of the Reich, will teach the reckless Americans that no one is beyond our reach. Adolf Hitler, christening the first Ar-555 Amerika Bomber

Amerika Bomber is the second supplement to the Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies game. It is mid-1945 and advanced aircraft have stalled the Allies on every front. On the ground, the Reich still holds sway over the Ukraine and most of France. Soviet industry has been battered by long range bombers that routinely fly beyond the Urals. Fearsome casualties from the Battle of the Bulge have made Montgomery even more cautious on the ground. The Type XXI U-Boat continues to wreak havoc in the Atlantic, slowing the flow of supplies to Europe. Reichminister Speer has used this time to introduce new weapons, including the first aircraft capable of reaching the arsenal of democracy, the Amerika bombers.

The Luftwaffe returns to the offensive, seeking to further delay the Allies on both fronts. New aircraft of every type are available to face the formerly superior Allied bombers and fighters. The Allies are scrambling to respond with improved aircraft and tactics, but the fight is no longer over the skies of Germany. Air combat spreads from convoys North of the Artic Circle to factories in the eastern United States. New York, Washington, Baltimore and other cities have come under attack. Desperate for additional pilots, Britain and the United States at last turn to their women pilots, assigning them combat missions as the Soviets and Germans have already done.

While we send billions of dollars of aid to the communists, to the English, to every corner of the world, we have left America defenseless. We are the arsenal of democracy, but there is no roof on the building! This cannot continue. Rep. Harrington Smythe, CT, after the East Hartford raid

Using the simple game system from Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies, you can fight the battles that result. Most missions can be completed in 1-2 hours, with 2-8 players controlling a dozen or more historical or planned aircraft. The data you need is contained within, along with scenarios and an alternate history. (Note: this is not a complete rule set, you will need Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies)

Amerika Bomber includes:

Alternate History and Characters from the world of Luftwaffe 1946

Additional Rules which include:

Air-to-Surface Missiles

Ship Statistic Generation

10 Mission Scenarios


48 Aircraft Stat Cards

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