The AWARD WINNING Hostile Aircraft air-to-air rules, scenario booklets, 1/300th scale miniatures, decals, and 3-D stands are back. MSD Games, LLC acquired all rights to this outstanding group of products and is continuing to expand the range. All products in the range are available now, with new releases planned for the near future. Currently, the largest range of WWI 1/300th aircraft in production anywhere, we will continue to expand the range of rugged, yet authentically detailed, aircraft models. Look for additional models covering not just the Great War and the European conflicts shortly after that war, but also covering conflicts outside of Europe. Additional scenario booklets and aircraft statistics will also be provided for conflicts through 1935. Come back to this site for additional scenarios, modelling tips, after action reports, and other news.


For a limited time, we are offering the some items from Hostile Aircraft product range at the original 1990’s prices! Please see our store pages and don’t forget to check out our other miniatures, including the newest aircraft of the 21st Century!



Hostile Aircraft – Origins Award Winner: Best Miniatures Game 1996 – includes 2 aircraft and stands, dice and charts – ready to play right out of the box! (Currently out of stock - look for a new edition coming soon!)   View by clicking here.


Offensive Patrol – includes additional rules and 101 scenarios that can be used with any rule system.  (Currently out of stock - look for a new edition coming soon!)  View by clicking here.


Squadron Record Book – ready to use game record sheets for over 100 aircraft.  View by clicking here.



66 Aircraft from all the major nations and theaters, including an observation balloon (in resin)


Accessories allow conversion to floatplanes or the addition of bombs and rockets

We even have a hangar for airfield strafing scenarios!


(Please note that the original miniatures were cast in an alloy that includes lead. As these are sold we shift models to our lead free pewter alloy)




High quality, historically accurate decals from both the major and minor countries in the Great War, and some of the countries that emerged after the war.


National Insignia – Squadron Markings – Numbers & Letters



Hostile Aircraft uses a unique basing system that not only indicates aircraft altitude, but also banking, climbing, diving, and rolling attitudes. The hexagon shaped base provides the fire arcs, and simplifies handling turning maneuvers to speed play.


Please note that aircraft of the Spanish Civil War and Chinese-Japanese War are covered in our existing Luftwaffe 1946 Miniatures range in 1/300th scale.