Sand, Oil, and Blood

Sand, Oil, and Blood

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Highly realistic, Sand, Oil, and Blood puts you in command of infantry and armored forces from the first Gulf War, with all the capabilities and limitations that accompany command. Actions can incorporate anywhere from a company to a brigade on each side, along with supporting air and artillery units. Ground scale is 50m/inch, models represent individual vehciles, aircraft, or vessels. Infnatry units can be weapons teams, fire, teams or squads. Most scenarios can be completed within four to six hours.

DESERT STORM is a game of and ground combat in the 1990's.  This set of rules simulates company to brigade sized actions of combined arms forces.  Rules are included to cover every significant facet of modern combat from mines to attack helicopters.  Realism and simplicity have been the goals throughout.  The complex interrelationships of technology and tactics have been reproduced in the charts and data tables herein, freeing the player to concentrate on strategy.  Sound tactics, and proper command control will be rewarded, while unrealistic and unsound actions will cause high casualties and lost battles.

Fully compatible with our other Frontlines Series games, including Iron Dawn, Korea 1950-53, and Mekong...Vietnam


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