GEG-20 Albatros C.III (2-seater) (3)


GEG-20 Albatros C.III (2-seater) (3)

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GEG-20 Albatros C.III (2-seater) (3 per pack). 

Introduced late in 1915, the C.III was a formidable two-seater, serving in the frontlines through mid-1917. Armed with a forward firing MG as well as one for the observer, they were fierce opponents for early Allied scouts. Over 300 were at the front through 1916, so there were many potential game scenarios. Capable of speeds up to 100 MPH and altitudes up to 3,000m, these are very capable aircraft. Color scheme: usually the plywood fuselage is a wood or medium brown color, with unbleached linen wings and tail surfaces. Engine and MGs black.

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