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Jet Aircraft Statistics for BlueSky

Product no.: D-0007

World War II jet aircraft statistics to use with the Blue Sky rule series, especially White Star, Blue Sky.

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French World War II Aircraft Statistics

Product no.: D-0008

Game statistics for French World War II aircraft for three rule sets: Luftwaffe 1946, Blue Sky Series, and Check Your 6!

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Air Raid Formosa December 8, 1941

Product no.: D-0009

Kamikaze 1946 scenario for December 8 1941 air raid on Formosa.  What if the B-17 raids were launched as planned and, as requested, by the Far East Air Force Commander?

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Luftwaffe Rising Stroll Over Warsaw Scenario

Product no.: D-0011

After a surprise German aerial attack at dawn, a mixed force of bombers and long range fighters is heading to Warsaw to bomb key transportation and manufacturing centers.  No resistance is expected but the Polish Pursuit Brigade is spoiling for a fight.

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Luftwaffe 1946 Statistics Generator

Product no.: D-0013

Use this Excel spreadsheet to calculate statistics for additional aircraft for the game.

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Italian World War II Aircraft Statistics

Product no.: D-0014

Game statistics for Italian World War II aircraft for 3 rule sets: Luftwaffe 1946, Blue Sky Series, and Check Your 6!

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Late Pacific War Aircraft Statistics

Product no.: D-0017

Late Pacific War aircraft statistics to use with Red Sun, Blue Sky

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Battle of Britain Statistics

Product no.: D-0023

Battle of Britain statistics for Blue Sky rules.  The full set including Luftwaffe 1946 and Check Your 6! statistics will be posted shortly.

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Fight for the Skies

Product no.: D-0024

Fight for the Skies - Starter rules for World War II.

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Battle of Britain Plane Data for All Rules

Product no.: D-0026
The Battle of Britain was fought 80 years ago, with action in July primarily over the English Channel. Known as 'Kanalkampf', this was just a prelude before the blitz to come. Here are aircraft statistics for our rules, the Blue Sky series, and Check Your 6!
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