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After discussions with our metal broker it is clear that pewter prices are not going to drop any further. Earlier in the year, they were triple the average price of two years ago, now they are just double. In addition to the doubling of our material costs, electricity rates in CT are set to jump 50% in January. So after many, many years with no price increases, we have to increase our prices, effective January 1st. We will honor our current prices through the end of December, so place your orders now if you want to get our current prices. Here is how it breaks out by range:

  • The Kryomek range will increase by roughly 25% ($7.95 packs are going to $9.95, other price points will go up at least 25%). This is still well below prices from some competing companies because we don’t spend as much on promotion as they do.
  • Luftwaffe 1946 models will go up amounts based on their weights, so while some packs will stay at $6, many will go up to our next price points ($7.50 and 8.50). We are investigating shifting a number of our products to other materials, specifically Target Terrain and the larger aircraft. We’ll issue an updated price list before the end of December. Since the price increase is tied to the weight of the miniature, the Modern range will be more heavily impacted. The WW I Hostile Aircraft Range will stay at its current price point. Flight Stands and Hostile Aircraft Bases will increase in price at least 10%.
  • Our decal ranges (Hostile Aircraft and Blue Sky Decals) will not change in price at this time. Our printed publications will stay at the current prices until our on-hand inventory runs out. Based on current printing costs, we anticipate 15-20% increases in the future, more if we issue revised editions with more color pages. Stocking levels vary widely, so we recommend that you order copies now. We are investigating creating ‘locked’ electronic files to allow downloads in the future. We’ll announce these once the technology issues are resolved.
  • The Macho Women With Guns and Thunderball! figures will remain at their current pricing for now. We anticipate price increases for these ranges in the first quarter of 2023.

The US Post Office has increased shipping rates for the holidays. From past history, it is likely that these increases will be permanent. So our shipping rates will also go up in January. We are going to keep our free shipping within the USA for orders over $100 as long as we can.

Thank you for being loyal customers! We know that no one likes to see prices go up, particularly on hobby items. We have held off as long as we could. Please take advantage of this opportunity to place your order before our prices go up.

Happy Holidays!



Per the USPS, shipping to Australia and New Zealand has been suspended due to impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other unrelated service disruptions.  As a result, we have temporarily disabled shipping to Australia and New Zealand.  There is no current timeline for when normal operations will resume.  

In addition, there are disruptions for many international destinations due to limited airline route availability, reduced staffing and government restrictions.  Expect lengthly delays for international shipments. 

Here in the United States, expect delays with processing, tracking and delivery.  
USPS is experiencing unprecedented delays with a hugh increase in packages and staff reductions due to COVID-19.  In an effort to manage current volumes, some processing facilities have temporarily stopped accepting new shipments.  This has put a strain on their entire network, causing delays to delivery and tracking updates.

USPS assures us that they are working to alleviate the backlog as quickly as possible andthey are redirecting shipments to other facilities during this time.  As a result, you may notice shipments sent on a later date being processed sooner.

Please be patient!

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