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Luftwaffe 1946 Rule Book

Product no.: 1001

Luftwaffe 1946 is a fast-paced game of aerial combat using miniatures and three dimensional movement. Core rules covering historical and fictional aerial combat in Europe through 1946. 80 pages, 48 aircraft, scenarios, and campaigns.

$29.95 / unit(s) *

Luftsturm: Defense of the Reich

Product no.: 1002

Additional scenarios for the air war over Germany, focusing on raids by the 8th Air Force. Introduces new aircraft and pilot types.48 aircraft cards, 10 scenarios

$19.95 / unit(s) *

Amerika Bomber

Product no.: 1003

The Luftwaffe brings destruction to the shores of America with long range bombers. 48 aircraft cards, 10 scenarios, mini-campaigns.

$19.95 / unit(s) *

Kamikaze 1946: Divine Wind

Product no.: 1004

Fast moving air combat game, historical and what-if aircraft fight in the Pacific Theater, covering 1944 thru mid-1945. Core rule book with 48 aircraft cards, 12 scenarios and a campaign. Includes updated and expanded anti-aircraft and anti-ship rules.

$29.95 / unit(s) *

Red Sun, Blue Sky

Product no.: 1051

Fast play air combat, using the quick and easy Blue Sky game series. Players can easily commmand flights and squadrons instead of single planes. This is the core rule book, covering the Pacific Theater 1941 - 1942 (not part of the Fight for the Skies game series)

$19.95 / unit(s) *

White Star, Blue Sky

Product no.: 1052

8th Air Force supplement for the Blue Sky Game series, covering 1942-1944.  Includes additional rules, 40 aircraft cards, 9 scenarios and campaigns (not part of the Fight for the Skies series).

$15.95 / unit(s) *

Red Star, Blue Sky

Product no.: 1053

Eastern Front supplement for the Blue Sky Game series, covering 1941-1944. Additional rules, 57 aircraft cards, 9 scenarios, a mini-campaign and a campaign. (not part of the Fight for the Skies game series)

$19.95 / unit(s) *

Blue Seas, Blue Sky

Product no.: 1054

The North African Campaign and air action in the Mediterranean are covered in the final supplement in the Blue Sky series. British, American, Italian, and German aircraft statistics, scenarios and a campaign to wrap up the original series. (not part of the Fight for the Skies game series)


$19.95 / unit(s) *

Hostile Aircraft 2nd Edition

Product no.: 1101

(was HA-1101) Hostile Aircraft is a fast-paced simulation of 3-D aerial combat from 1915 - 1920 for any number of players. The game set includes rules, control sheets, 2 model aeroplanes, and fully adjustable flight stands which show altitude and rotate 360° on 2 axes to indicate when planes bank, climb, dive, loop, or barrell roll. Game statistics for 306 aircraft are included. All fronts of the Great War are included, as well as the Russian Revolutions, the Battle on the Baltic, and the Polish-Russian War. Players typically command 1-3 aeroplanes. Boxed set. Origins Award Winner: Best Historical Miniatures Game of 1996.  The current inventory sale includes items cast in the original alloy, which contains lead.

$40.00 / unit(s) *

Hostile Aircraft Squadron Record Book

Product no.: 1102

(was HA-1102) The Squadron Record Book includes pre-printed Aeroplane Control Sheets for over 100 different aeroplane types. This is a supplement to Hostile Aircraft.

$25.00 / unit(s) *

Hostile Aircraft - Offensive Patrol

Product no.: 1103

(was HA-1103) The Offensive Patrol supplement contains 101 historical scenarios that can be used with any rules system.  Recreate challenging battles from 1915 - 1920, covering all fronts of the Great War as well as post-Armistice fighting. The rise and fall of the top aces from all nations are included. Balloon busting, anti-aircraft fire, bombing raids, reconnaissance missions, and artillery spotting are all covered.  

$25.00 / unit(s) *

Lost Squadrons

Product no.: 1055

Lost Squadrons: A Black Cross/Blue Sky expansion - includes the Battle of Britain (Boxed)

$60.00 / pack(s) *
Old price $80.00

Blue Skies Bonanza

Product no.: 1056B

Blue Skies Bonanza: Red Sun/Blue Sky, White Star/Blue Sky, and Red Star/Blue Sky – regularly $55.85 if sold separately - $45.00 for the set. Time to replace your worn out copies, or get a set for the guy who always borrows yours!

$45.00 *
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