Luftsturm: Defense of the Reich

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Supplement to Luftwaffe 1946 Air Combat Rules for 1/300th Scale Planes

The Fatherland is in danger, the People will defend it!

Join the Luftsturm and stop the American terror-bombers!

Answer the Fuhrer’s call!

Luftsturm: Defence of the Reich is the first supplement to the Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies game. It is mid-1944 and advanced aircraft have allowed the Luftwaffe to slow, but not stop, the Allied air offensive. On the ground, Volksgrenadier and Volksturm units have been formed to stem the assaults coming from two fronts. Seeking to expand his vaunted SS, Himmler persuades Hitler to form the Luftsturm for Reich air defence. Politically pure, experienced pilots from the Luftwaffe form the core, complemented with enthusiastic volunteers from the Flying Hitler Youth and Waffen SS. Provided with the latest interceptors, they will pay any price to stop the Allied bombers.

Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe continues to delay the Allies on both fronts, buying time for German industry to produce enough of the new aircraft, tanks and other weapons to counter the Allied numbers. JG-500, the all-female fighter unit, is demonstrating that they can meet Allied pilots on equal terms. In response, the Allies are introducing new aircraft as well. Can the B-29s and B-32s be stopped by He-162 Volksjaegers flown by the boys of the Luftsturm, or by veterans flying Me-262 Schwalbes? Will the P-80 Shooting Stars and Meteors restore Allied air superiority?

Using the simple game system from Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies, you can answer these questions. Most missions can be completed in 1-2 hours, with 2-8 players controlling a dozen or more historical or planned aircraft. The data you need is contained within, along scenarios and an alternate history. (Note: this is not a complete rule set, you will need Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies)

Luftsturm: Defence of the Reich includes:

Alternate History and Characters from the world of Luftwaffe 1946

Optional Rules which include:

Additional Ace and inexperienced pilot ratings

Aircrew survival rules

Special aircraft characteristics

10 Mission Scenarios

48 Aircraft Stat Cards

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