Luftwaffe 1946 Rule Book

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Luftwaffe 1946 is a fast-paced game of aerial combat using miniatures and three dimensional movement. The rules of play have been kept simple to speed play, and to allow players to handle an entire squadron of aircraft (6 to 18 aircraft). Most games can be completed in a few hours. Due to these goals, the rules have been kept simple, you do not need pilot's license to play! Movement, combat and the technical characteristics of the aircraft are represented in a simple manner for speedy play. However, you will find that historical tactics are rewarded while ‘gaming the rules’ usually ends in disaster. Both historical and 'what-if' aircraft and weapons are included, accurately reflecting their characteristics. No written orders are required, speeding play. This core 80 page rule book includes 48 aircraft cards, scenarios, and campaigns.

What could have happened if a number of events led to the Luftwaffe getting their advanced jets into combat? Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies accurately recreates the speed and deadliness of air-to-air combat in a fast moving game system. Based on historical combat results, aircraft characteristics, and tactics of the aces, the simple rules are easy to follow. Most missions can be completed in 1-2 hours, with 2-8 players. Each player can easily control a dozen or more aircraft.

Luftwaffe 1946: Fight for the Skies Includes:

Alternate History from Luftwaffe 1946

Basic Rules which include:

Air Combat Maneuvering

Air-to-Air Combat

Surface-to-Air Combat

Air-to-Surface Combat

Up to 60 altitude levels

Optional Rules include:

Ace and inexperienced pilots

Special aircraft characteristics

Game Statistics for 48+ Aircraft

10 Mission Scenarios

Guide to painting model aircraft

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