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The Flight Stand™ System is a unique and creative approach in solving the problems of 3-D game play. Each Flight Stand™ kit contains the following components (see the illustration):

  • Base (2) - a 30mm wide hexagon stand with a central collar. Its added weight affords greater stability, even with large bombers. An indented arrow on the base denotes the forward direction of flight for the aircraft.
  • Altitude Dial (2) - this slips over the central collar on the base. The number on the altitude dial that is facing the base's arrow shows the aircraft's current altitude level (1-6). Changing altitude involves only a simple twist of the dial.
  • Plexiglass Dowels (2 each of 3 different sizes) - the transparency of the dowel adds to the illusion of flight. Each Flight Stand™ has 3 different height dowels of 1, 2 and 3 inches in height. Use no dowel (Low Band), or one of the dowels (Medium, High, or Very High Bands) in combination with the altitude dial, to represent 24 different altitude levels.
  • Flight Caps (6) - one of these is placed on the end of each dowel. The Flight Cap's peg fits into a 1/16” hole drilled into the aircraft's underbelly.

Easy Assembly - simply place the dial over the collar, glue the flight cap onto the end of a dowel, insert the dowel in the collar of the base and you're ready to take off! Components for 2 complete Flight Stands™ are included in each package.

Flight Stand™ is a trademark of Blue Sky Enterprises, used by permission

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