White Star, Blue Sky

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White Star, Blue Sky is a collection of scenarios, campaign systems, aircraft data cards, and new rules for use with the Red Sun, Blue Sky or Black Cross, Blue Sky miniatures games.  White Star, Blue Sky recreates daylight aerial combat in the European Theater in World War II.  Simple game mechanics let you focus on leading a squadron or more of aircraft into harms way.  Plunge through huge formations of B-17s with your Fw-190s, trying to stop the unstoppable.  Dive on the circling German fighters with your P-51D Mustang, keeping your bombers safe.  Or lead your bomb group to their target, braving enemy fighters and flak so thick you can walk across it, dropping your 500 pound eggs on the ball bearing plants at Schweinfurt!

The speed and decisiveness of aerial combat is accurately recreated in a game system that allows most games to be completed in 1-2 hours.  Based on the highly successful Blue Sky game system, White Star, Blue Sky is complete with everything you need to recreate the daylight bombing campaign over Europe.  Pattern bombing, aerial rockets, mass flak barrages, and other special rules have been added to accurately portray the most intense aerial combat the world has ever seen.  You can even try and complete 25 missions to end your tour and head stateside.  All of the special rules and data you need are contained within, and information on the CollectAir series of aircraft miniatures.  Future modules in the Blue Sky series will cover the Mediterranean, the Eastern Front, the later Pacific campaigns, and more!  NOTE: NOT A COMPLETE GAME, YOU MUST HAVE RED SUN, BLUE SKY or BLACK CROSS, BLUE SKY.

White Star, Blue Sky Includes:

Advanced Rules which cover:

Pattern bombing

Large bomber formations

Crew casualties

Aerial rockets and other new weapons

9 Detailed Historic Scenarios with Combat Summaries:

1- Solitaire scenario

6- Standard scenarios

1- Mini-campaign (20 missions)

1- Campaign (330 missions)

An easy to follow guide for creating your own scenarios

2 Aircraft Reference Cards detailing 22 Allied and 18 German aircraft

Strategic Campaign Charts

Strategic (City) Targets

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