Red Sun, Blue Sky

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Red Sun, Blue Sky is a fast moving miniatures game that recreates aerial combat in the Pacific and South East Asian theaters in the early years of World War II.  Simple game mechanics let you focus on leading a squadron or more of aircraft into harms way.  Swoop down on Japanese bombers with the Flying Tigers in China.  Dive on the Japanese carriers at Midway, changing the course of the war in just five minutes!  Or lead the few remaining Japanese dive bombers as they seek revenge against the Yorktown.

The speed and decisiveness of aerial combat is accurately recreated in a game system that allows most games to be completed in 1-2 hours.  Based on the highly successful Squadrons: Battle of Britain game, Red Sun, Blue Sky is a complete set of rules, with enhanced mechanics to recreate the devastating effects of dive and torpedo bombing.  All of the rules and data you need are contained within, and information on the CollectAir series of aircraft miniatures.  Future modules in the Blue Sky series will cover daylight bombing over Germany, the Mediterranean, the Eastern Front, the later Pacific campaigns, and more!

Red Sun, Blue Sky Includes:

Basic Rules which cover:

Air Combat Maneuvering

Air-to-Air Combat

Air-to-Surface Combat including new rules for Dive Bombing, Level Bombing and Torpedo Bombing

Improved Anti-Aircraft Rules

24 Altitude Levels

Advanced Rules which cover:

Initiative based movement sequence

Aces and advanced pilot skills

Cloud cover

23 Detailed Historic Scenarios with Combat Summaries:

3- Solitaire scenarios

9- Standard scenarios

3- Mini-campaigns containing 11 scenarios

An easy to follow guide for creating your own scenarios

2 Aircraft Reference Cards detailing 23 Allied and 13 Japanese aircraft

Scale Ship Deck Plans for 25 ships, with game data for 96 ships

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