Lost Squadrons

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Months before the Battle of Britain, the skies over Europe witnessed intense aerial battles of obsolete and outnumbered Allied aircraft fighting
desperately for survival against incredible odds and the superior aircraft of the German Luftwaffe. This was the stage upon which the "Lost Squadrons"

The Polish, French, Dutch, and British air forces tried valiantly but in vain to blunt Germany's invasion of Europe from the Air. Now you can fly as
these desperate and brave pilots to see if you can change the course of history!

12 new scenarios, including 2 solitaire scenarios, 1 solitaire mini-campaign, 6 standard scenarios, one 3-part campaign, one 4-part
campaign, and the strategic campaign covering the entire Battle of Britain.

This boxed supplement includes 4 full color, double side paper hex-maps (each 22 x 34 inches), 181 aircraft counters (including 18 new aircraft
types), aircraft data cards, 16 ship counters, and terrain markers for bridges, AA units, and others. Not a complete game, you will need a Blue
Skies rule set to play (Black Cross/Blue Sky or Red Sun/Blue Sky).

MSD Games Only Special Offer: In the Comments section of your order request a copy of Red Sun/Blue Sky and we'll include it for free! While
supplies last.

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