Kryomek (Expanded 1st Edition)

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New quick reference charts (in color), additional weapons, new races, and optional rules have been added to the original set. Profusely illustrated with the hottest artwork, you'll enjoy the storyline and pictures. But don't stop there! The easy to understand, easy to play and very enjoyable rules take you planetside to face the Kryomek ┬╗ onslaught. Can you stop the swarming mass of Helions and Warriors with the pitifully few Nexus Marines that the Quoromate sent? As the Warmaster of the Kryomek┬╗, can you over come the human's weaponry with the unfailing courage of your hivemates? One outcome is certain, only the victor will live at day's end. 136 pages, complete with plastic templates, record sheets, and counters.

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